Easy Guitar Lessons in Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City guitar lessons

Easy Guitar Lessons (founded by Chris Theodore) offers Private Customized Music Tuition by an Experienced Professional Musician / Songwriter in Guitar, Bass, Keyboard and Songwriting.

  • All Ages, Styles and Levels are Welcome.
  • Easy Guitar Lessons is located in Jersey City just a 5 min walk from the Grove St Path Station.
  • The main objective of the Private Customized Lessons, at all levels, is to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere which will encourage the student to realize his / her Full Potential.
  • My Teaching Method is simple – through your instrument of choice, you will learn how music is constructed and applied.
  • Along with this, various Techniques will be learnt that are able to be utilized in any style.
  • You will build skills in Improvising, Rhythm, Melody, Dexterity and more, which will give you freedom to create and / or play anything.
  • Basically, learn and understand all the rules then feel free to break them.
  • Songwriters are welcome to come and thrash out ideas – even record in my home studio for good quality demos.
  • Advice is also given on Live and Studio Sound as well as Performance.

Call 551-689-6591 for our Special Introductory Offer !
Skype Lessons are Also Available

Email : eglessons@yahoo.com
Website: Easy Guitar Lessons
Facebook: eglessonsCell

Jersey City guitar teacher

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